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Focus on Mozambique

Mozambique is located on eastern coast of Africa and has a total area of 799,590 square kilometers ( 309,493 square miles). The coastal line of the country, which spans 2,470 kilometers (1,535 square miles) along the entire eastern frontier , borders the Mozambique channel and Indian Ocean. To the north lies the Republic of Tanzania; to the northwest Malawi and Zambia; to the west the Republic of Zimbabwe and to the southwest South Africa and the kingdom of Swaziland .
Mozambique has ten provinces, namely; Niassa, Cabo Delgado, Nampula (North), Zambézia, Tete, Manica, Sofala (Center) and Inhambane, Gaza and Maputo (South). Maputo is the capital of the country. The ruling Presidente of the Republic of Mozambique is Armando Emílio Guebuza.

Mozambique has an estimated population of 21 millions inhabitants with several ethnicities, as follows: Macuas, Tsongas, Malawians and Chonas .

Portuguese is the official language in the country. Although, the country has a total of 43 native languages, with particular emphasis on the cicopi, cinyanja, cinyungwe, cisenga, cishona, ciyao, echuwabo, ekoti, elomwe, gitonga, maconde (o shimakonde, kimwani, macua emakhuwa , memane, suaíli kiswahili, Siswazi , xichangana, xironga, xitswa and Zulu.
Known by its people hospitality, Mozambique is made up by a tropical humid climate that it is an invitation to enjoy the beautiful beaches existing in the country.

Like most African countries, the Mozambican society is very musical .The Country became one of the first in the south of Sahara to record its own musical styles in 1930. It is precisely in this period (1930-1940) that develops Marrabenta ″ urban musical style of Maputo (Ex-Loureço Marques).

The Mozambican Music is one of the most important cultural display in the country and was typically created to entertain people in the social events.The youth music of Mozambique contains different musical styles, among which Marrabenta, Hip-Hop, Passada, R&B and Dzukuta.

The music quality in Mozambique has grown increasingly, with the best musicians, producers and musical videos. Therefore, national artists are focused on internationalization of their work.


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