Bie Studio is a public access rehearsal studio for young people in Port Vila. Many bands practise here in anticipation of their big moment on the main stage at Fest'Napuan.

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Opened on July 13, 1995, the CCFM is installed in a beautiful colonial building, the former hotel club built in 1896. Also known by the nick name "O Franco", the Franco-Moçambicano Cultural Centre is in the canter of the downtown historic district of the capital, a space entirely dedicated to culture. Its two performing halls, exposition halls, a library and its classrooms, offer a rich range of activities and make it the crossroads of world cultures in Maputo.

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The center served as the basis of nationalism and also as a pole of cultural activities where usually took place fellowship sessions among the members as well as other stakeholders. Founded in 1935, the colonial authorities declared illegal under decree nr.18802, on July 31, allegedly while: According to the evidences, the leaders of the Associative Center of the Blacks from Mozambique Colonial Province, are engaged on promoting various illegal actions under the coverage of the association statutes, disturbing the social and political rule. Therefore, the center was abolished, but, although appeared again as Negrophil Institute, focused on the assistance, protection,

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