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Music Academy Mozambique

This is a possible dream!
To become the first teaching music School of medium level in Mozambique

The Academy Music Crossroads Mozambique bet in quality teaching and excellence, focusing the practical lessons and theories , through open sessions (workshops and seminars) under the artists’ guidance and experts of the Mozambican music, as well as international.

We teach music based on the Mozambican musical tradition, African and of African roots linked to modern techniques of teaching and learning of this art. Our curriculum was designed by the prestigious Global renowned Music Academy, that is also responsible for the training of our teachers’.

With a universe of about 30 students, with ages among the 15 and 30 years , we are teaching officially since the beginning of 2013 , and we hope to grow gradually and maybe to expand to the other places of the country.

We teach drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano and voice as core instruments, and also subjects like writing and rhythmic reading, harmony, coral, music theory , practicing together, traditional dances, corporal percussion, among others.
We are proud to be a part of the family of Crossroads Music Academies with our brothers in Malawi and Zimbabwe , in a regional and pan Africanist vision , where it becomes relevant to have synergies at SADC and African continent levels.
Our mission is to provide quality music courses through the use of resources and partnerships, with the view focused on the youths’ empowering through the Music .

1. Improve the skills , artistic development and professionalization of the young musicians.
2. Provide the musical education that is relevant to every one.

The Academy
The academy is made up by professional youths recognized in the Mozambican cultural context. These are skilled teachers with a good professional background in their activity field.

Why Studying in the Academy Music Crossroads Mozambique?
The musical education has assumed increasing importance in the modern societies. The music is one of the most profitable forms of art, and as part of the creative industries also contributes largely to the GDP of many nations. Therefore, it is clearly a tool of empowering and poverty reduction, and in this case with particular focus on young people.
We are aware that a good academic education is the first step to build up a solid musical career, with all the expected incomes. It is suitable that Music Crossroads created the Academy Music crossroads Mozambique. This is a project with the desirable and necessary conditions for the training of musicians artistically skilled, aware of their role in society and the importance of his art.

At the end of the training, the trainees of the Academy Music Crossroads Mozambique will have acquired theoretical and enough practical knowledge to carry on with their studies at high level, as well as to pursue a more solid and lasting musical career.

The Academy Music Crossroads in Mozambique is a unique opportunity, that the amateur musicians have, to strength and to develop their talents and skills, through this innovative course.

Therefore we say hoyo yoyo , you are welcome to our music academy.

Rufus Maculuve

Music Crossroads Moçambique
Avenida Agostinho Neto, 1109
Maputo, Moçambique
Maputo, Junho de 2013