Natano Pasifika

“Natano Pasifika” is a group of six talented traditional and contemporary Melanesian musicians who will be touring to Mozambique this May for the Music Crossroads Mozambique music camp and festivals. “Natano” is a word in Namaku language from Tongoa island in Vanuatu. It means ‘our land’. The name Natano Pasifika was chosen by the group to represent the Pacific islands as land rising from the ocean. With instruments including the bush bass, ukulele, bamboo flute, guitar, tamtam and navarange, and traditional songs and traditional ‘Kastom’ dancing, Natano Pasifika display some of the rhythms and styles of Vanuatu and the South Pacific. The group is composed of traditional and contemporary musicians from Vanuatu and Kanaky including Mars Melto (Vao/Malakula island), Tio bang (Ambrym island), Yaya (Kanaky/New Caledonia), Anthony Roy (Gaua island), Robert (Tongoa island) and Gordy (Vanua Lava island). They have been selected through the Music Bridges project by Further Arts and Canal Studio for the Music Crossroads music camp and events to be held in Bilene and Maputo, Mozambique in May 2014. Music Bridges is funded through the European Union’s Africa Caribbean Pacific (ACP-EU) Cultures+ program and is managed by a non-profit organization, Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per il Servizio Volontario (COSV) in Italy including project partners, Music Crossroads in Mozambique and Further Arts in Vanuatu. Music Bridges aims to reinforce the creation and the production of music goods in Vanuatu and Mozambique building on South-South cooperation, networking and distribution circuits between regional and European artistic contexts. In particular it seeks to promote the traditional heritage, practice and respect of indigenous music traditions. Natano Pasifika will travel to Mozambique via Brisbane in mid-May to participate in the camp to share and exchange music, cultures and traditions with other participants from the African continent, and improve knowledge and skills in writing music, professional development, copyright, intellectual property and licensing. They will also perform at various festivals held in Mozambique at this time including the Azgo Festival. Links to profiles of Natano Pasifika artists: Mars Melto: Tio Bang: Yaya: Anthony Roy: Robert: Gordy: Please visit the project website for more information and to sign up: Follow us for updates on our website, facebook and twitter: Contact: +678 22745 or


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