Ofa Fanaika

I grew up singing in church as most Tongans do. My father was a minister and may have watched "The Sound of Music" one too many times and eagerly assembled his children together to learn harmonies and many many traditional songs. At 8 I joined the Tongan Brass Band with my father, I played trumpet right up until I was 16. During this time I also started to play guitar and learnt by watching my uncles play. I learnt guitar as a way to accompany my voice and the songs I had been experimenting with - mainly R&B and Reggae songs. After I moved out of home, I continued to play and sing and was noticed by some people while I was busking in the city. We formed a band called Chocolate Strings and 8 years on we've played major festivals in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. In 2011 I formed another band called Captain Dreamboat who have just started to play at major events in Australia including Island Vibe Festival in 2011. I have written songs, managed logistics, and nurtured egos as part of these experiences and learnt so much along the way as self-made musicians do. I have developed a number of tools that has helped me get to where I am today. Along with composing and performing in these two bands, as well as playing a number of solo performances around Australia I have been working for the past 2 years as a Music Teacher at Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre, helping disadvantaged and marginalised youth reach their true potentials.


Brisbane, Asutralia






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